Saturday, 21 May 2011

Professional Practice- Case Study Of A Theatre Designer

Maria Bjornson- Theatre Designer

Maria is the famous designer for her elegant and ingenious design for Phantom of the Opera; this is one of the most famous music theatre productions in contemporary theatre entertainment.
In 1950 Bjornson moved to the UK with her mother and started to get educated at a French school. She later attended the Central School of Art and Design where she studied under her professor Ralph Koltai Her early theatre career was spent at the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow which is a theatre company dedicated to being accessible and affordable for the Glasgow community.
I feel that her work is very good in the sense of its uniqueness, the way in which Maria plans out the stage design and carefully plans out her work with no rush. This gives it a sense of not rushing something so brilliant and wonderful on a theatre set. I am also proud in a sense that she was a normal schooled person, who gained the chance to become someone very important by accomplishing her studies and gaining the best experiences she could, yet still using her own ideas. She also completes all the requirements of the perfect set designer, as they should all be good at communicating with their client and generating their visual ideas. 

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