Saturday, 21 May 2011

Introduction To The Task

My name is Mazia Laddour. I am studying the Creative and Media Diploma, with A-Level Textiles; they are both two-year courses. My course is challenging in some ways yet I am eager to face these challenges by trying my hardest in all units.

This Creative and Media Diploma consists of many Units and one of them is Set Design with Ms Wyglindacz, the main tasks for this Unit are publicizing a production of “The Little Shop Of Horrors” taking place in the school, in order to be accurate I have to carry out an amount of research and interview my client Miss Jones. I will try my best to meet all of the requirements when making props and designing the set, always remembering to meet my clients ideas.

Researching different images of 1950’s New York has helped me gain an insight on what I should be doing when making the set, I have created a mood board using all the images I feel will fit into my brief for designing the set. I hope that my ideas I contribute will be successful and help my client especially as I am working with her for professional guidance and ideas. 

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