Thursday, 6 January 2011

Publishing The Event

In order to make our posters for the event successful, we had to research different posters and analyse them, looking at main colours and fonts used in the posters, this was important as we needed to gain an understanding on what colours would be suitable for a horror and comical production.

Here are some of the posters I decided to look at, when researching connotation, denotation and colours of posters. 

Poster 1-

The poster also portrays another image of the production as the girls on the bottom of the plant, sitting on the car look as if they have something to do with the plant being aggressive toward the characters that it is holding.

The poster shows an image of the main characters of the production, being held up by the plant, it also shows the plant looking aggressive with its mouth open ready to eat one of the characters, this gives the main audience an idea on what the production is all about.

The main colours used in the poster are- green, red, black, yellow and blue.
Red is usually seen as the colour to represent blood, yellow and green are used to link to the colour of the plant.
The colour black is mainly used to make the setting look darker and bleaker as it is a horror, so you are most likely to use darker colours other than light.

The title is written using three different typefaces, ‘Little Shop’ is written I a thick block like form, not giving away too much of the story from it, the word ‘Horrors’ does give away a few clues on what the production is about, as it is red and has blood drops falling from it.
Information about the production is written in small print on the bottom of the poster, as the image and title want to be the main items shown on the poster. 

Poster 2-

The main colours used in this poster are- brown, green, and red.
These colours all link to the colour of the plant, showing blood and leaves of the blood.

The main typeface used for the title is red and shows blood drops, this also allows the audience that it is a horror, information on the play is given on the bottom right hand corner of the poster, in small print. 

The poster gives of many ideas as the rat running out of the shop door could mean that it has seen something so horrific inside that it got scared and ran away, or it could mean that it has been feeding on the rotting corpses inside the shop.

The poster shows a very well lit shop window, with the plant looking quite aggressive and ready to eat one of the characters, it also shows the shop door half open, with a body’s feet being dragged by the plants stems and a rat running out of the shop, giving us an idea that the plant eats humans. 

Poster 3-

The poster shows an image of the plant facing a woman on the floor, looking in distress, as if it is going to eat her.

The fonts used for the title are very similar to the first two posters I have compared, showing blood and using the colours red and yellow, however information about the production is on the left hand corner of the page where the audience can read it clearly, it also has more information written on the left hand side and right hand side of the poster, also allowing the audience to read it.

The image could be showing the plant bending down towards the woman in the poster to help her, as she may have fallen on the road.
As she has her hand on her head showing her to be in distress, looking at the plant in order to help her up from falling.

In this poster, the main colours used are- purple, blue, green, red and black.
These colours are also very bright as the poster looks as if a more computerised look is used.

After researching all the posters and learning about what colors would go with each theme, we decided to make a draft poster in order to see whether we would need to make further changes in order to have something very professional to capture the audience’s eye, we then realized that as the audience was mainly the school students, teachers and parents, we had to add more brighter colors and show clearer images giving the audience an idea of what the production was about.

Image of the draft poster

After editing the poster we added more of the colors, corresponding to the plant and blood, using green, red and black as it represented the scary theme of the production, we added an image of the plant, and put it in almost a spotlight of red as it is one of the main characters in the production. Looking at different fonts that could be used, we chose to use a simple small print for other information at the bottom of the page, for the title we used the color red, and made it look like blood drips around the plant. I think that the poster we produced was very affective, as it offered more information, was clearer and easier to read and it also had a clear image of the plant. Not giving too much away. 

After all the planning and changes i had come up with another image of the plants mouth open, at the front of the poster showing that it may want to eat someone or something. I liked this final idea of the poster as it was very affective in the idea that it would not give too much of the story, yet it had one of the main characters on the front of the page. Placing the venue, date and time of the production is crucial as it allows viewers who are wanting to watch the show to know where it is being held and what time and date.

Image Of The Final Poster


This is an image of the final idea of the "Little Shop Of Horrors" poster, after moving around images, researching backgrounds, images, typefaces the group had decided to create this poster for the final piece. This final idea was used and put up around the school, one week before the production had started, this was to gain all the publicity we could. The target audience was mainly the school students so I thought using bright colours against a plain and darker background would be more affective and eye catching to the younger students. 

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