Thursday, 6 January 2011

Designing And Building Of The Plant

In order to make the plant, we used images of how to make one and followed the instructions; we adapted on some of the instructions and used some of our own materials, such as card, foam and paper. We had to read through the instructions and look at each image thoroughly as we did not know where to start on making the plant. After looking at the instructions, we made some of our own decisions and put each idea into making the plant.

These are the images we used to help us create the plant- 

This first image shows how the plant pot can be put onto a table and guided by one of the actors hand to make it move, in some of the scenes, we needed to make two of the plants as there was a hand puppet one and a big one where one of the actors had to stand inside it and move in order for it to look like it was talking and moving.

This second image shows the measurements and how the plant prop could be lifted as a hand puppet and used, it also shows how the hand of the person could grab onto the whole inside of the plants mouth, to make it easier to handle.  

The third image gave us an idea on how to make the big plant more affective, as we needed to figure out how to make it fit onto someone standing, instead of sitting down, as in the instructions it was showing how to make it for someone sitting down. This gave us ideas of having the person stand on a chair and wear the head peace of the plant first, and instead of making a full costume, they would have a piece of green fabric for the stem, with the chair covered by a plant pot.

The fourth image helped us understand how big the head had to be, insuring that it wasn’t too small to allow the person wearing it to breathe. We figured out that by drawing around one of the members of the group and cutting it out, we could visualise how big the headpiece would have to be. 

After looking at all of the images we decided how big the headpiece was going to be, we had already made the hand prop of the plant giving the actor/actress enough hand space to guide the plant around. We also started to make the bigger plant pot to cover the chair that the person holding the plant was going to be on. These instructions had helped us a lot, giving us ideas on how to design the plant and how big it had to be. 

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