Thursday, 25 November 2010

Jobs In Theatre/ Staging

Director- Directors are responsible for controlling the film such as theatrical or horror aspects of it and developing the vision for a film; they also decide how the film should look directing the actors and telling them what is best to do in order to make the film professional and to the best standards it can get to. Other roles they may be involved in include sorting out camera angles, lighting, turning the script into a sequence of shots, financing and most importantly the editing of the film. 

Producer- Film producers are the ones who select a screenplay, initiating the process of film making, there main jobs are to oversee the whole process including coordinating, supervising and controlling matters such as fund-raising is a very important role too, they also are always involved throughout all phases of the film-making process, from development to completion of the film project. 

 Designer- Designers are the people that take care of the structural properties of a design object, in more detail the are in charge of looking after consumer products, mainly looking at games and graphics, processes, paintings, sculptures and architecture. 

Lighting Designer- A lighting designer’s job is to work closely with the director, stage manager, costume designer, and sometimes the sound designer and choreographer to create an overall 'look' for the show in response to the text they have to consider safety and the cost, they mostly work on rock and pop tours, corporate launches, art installations and massive celebration spectaculars. 

Musical Directors- Music Directors are the people who direct the music, mainly working closely with orchestras, or directing music for a film and at a radio station. They could also be the heads of the music department in a public school. 

Stage Manager- A stage manager is one who has overall responsibility for stage management and the smooth execution of a production, in small productions they work individually and larger productions typically would employ a stage manager. 

Stage Crew- Stage Crew is a term used in theatre to describe the members of the technical crew who supervise and operate the various technical aspects of the production during a performance, including all persons rather than performers, they also build and take down sets and help place the lighting.

Choreographer- Choreography is the art of designing sequences of movements in which motion, form, or both are shown mainly referring to the design itself and expressing by means of dance notations. 

Props Master- A prop master is a professional who supervises the use of properties, mainly working on theatrical productions and films, properties are always various objects which are used by actors and actresses during their scenes. 

Construction Manager- Construction Management entails the planning and scheduling, it also involves controlling of construction tasks or activities, allocating and using the appropriate labor, they also sort out the materials and work in a manner that lowers costs and increases customer/owner satisfactions, with evaluation of the whole job. 

Dresser/Wardrobe Assistant- Wardrobe Assistants are the junior members of the wardrobe/costume department, working closely with the production designer to ensure the authenticity of the costumes, the costume designer will have a team of assistants that may include;; cutters, makers, finishers, dyers and milliners. On a small scale production, they may work on their own. 

Publicist- A publicist is a person who generates and manages the publicity for a public figure, mainly working with celebrities, businesses, working on books, films and albums, most top-level publicists work in private practices and handle multiple clients. 

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