Thursday, 25 November 2010

1950's New York MoodBoard And Evaluation

Mood Board Evaluation
A mood board is used to show visual research for your design inspirations, images can be researched from the internet, using search engines such as-,, and The main search engines I used were, and, the keywords that I mainly used to carry out my image search was 1950’s New York, and Brooklyn Bridge- 1950’s, the clearer images were mostly on, I knew exactly what images I wanted to use as I had watched the film gaining some information on how the layout of the set should be. 
After gathering all my information and images, I used the main ones and mounted them onto cardboard, I took pictures of the images on a mini stage. I used my images helping me to see which background would look the best on the set we were using, it was also to see which colours would contrast with it the most, editing the appropriate images had given me an insight on how and where they should be placed on set too. 

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