Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Stage Designs

Whilst researching stage creations for the production, I started to look images of shops, bridges and flowers set in 1950's New York and images of flower shops in order to cut them out and mount them onto cardboard, this was to help visualize what the backdrop could look like when we painted the scenes on or printed out larger images and stuck them on. I then started to place them in a mini model of the stage and photographed each design to make my visualization very clear and life like.

This first image shows the Brooklyn Bridge with a few cars and trees, I mainly researched my images basing them on Brooklyn as the story is set n Brooklyn. I also looked at images of shops based in a corner, and the shop names, I realised that mostly all shop names were written in neon lighting.

This second image shows steps of the back of an old shop or apartment in Brooklyn, I placed them in the mini stage as I wanted to see whether it would be convenient using it as a part of the backdrop on the production, I didn’t like the end result in the mini stage, so I didn’t put it in as an idea for the production, yet it was just an experiment and I found it helpful giving me ideas for different images that I could use. 

This third image shows The Brooklyn Bridge, shop signs written in neon lights and a plant shop counter with an old flowers display on the bottom of it. I also used an image of a wall that was worn down, with ripped wall paper, I put all of these together as I wanted to see what it would look like when in one of the scenes the shop and surroundings are worn down. 

This is another angle I took the picture of the third one, as I wanted to know what it would look like from every angle of the audience. 

This fourth image shows dustbin cans, and old boxes used for storage, I also used an image of a brick wall, this was to experiment how light the paint should be when painting the bricks on the backdrop, as there was a gloomy scene and scenes where the shop is light, band healthy, I had to take that into consideration. 

The is an image of the measurement practice we did in order to know how to measure where the props would be on stage. I found drawing everything out with the accurate measurements very helpful, as it helped me picture the stage and what it would look like with the life size props, instead of imagining what it would look like on the day.

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