Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Meeting With Miss Jones- Client

The client was Miss Jones as she was the one in charge of the production taking place, the first thing we presented was our flower designs for props and brick designs for the backdrop of the stage. She said that “The set needs to be a dry, humid, street, with a shabby layout. We then re-thought our designs and made the flowers more colorful, and made the backdrop painting more spooky using dull colours, in order for it to represent the settings used in the film. The outcome of the scene was very realistic as the props and backdrop looked similar to the ones used in the film.

Importance Of Relationship With The Client

It is important to be able to communicate well with your client as following all of their ideas and expectations would make the job a lot more easier, as they are professional and know how everything should look. As my client was the director of the production, her visions of what the show should look like properly. Showing my ideas and models, and images were very crucial as I was able to gain an idea of what I should be changing and improving on, in order to make my work look much better. 

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