Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Actual Production- Helping Out Backstage

Whilst working backstage on the production, I wrote a few diary entries, explaining everything I had to do when I was working as a part of the backstage crew.  

Day1- 8th March 2010

On day one me and my group helped take down the props that we made, and put them into the hall ready for the production, we were very happy with the end results of the props as they looked very professional, and realistic.

Day2- 9th March 2010

On day two I helped backstage, helping people with their costumes and putting their mics on, I also helped put props onto the set and open and shut the curtains. On both of the days, the backstage crew had to wear black clothing, as on stage blackouts when props were being put out, we were not supposed to be seen by the audience to make it as professional as possible.

Day3- 10th March 2010

On day three I also helped backstage, holding torches on stage blackouts, ensuring that nobody fell or collided into each other. I helped put props out onto the stage again, making sure I was fast and put the props down in the right place as there was only a few seconds to go out and put the props onto the stage. 

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